Au Revoir Ugly House, Bonjour Curb Appeal!

Episode CRB-2507ZH

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  • July 19, 2013

    3:30 PM e/p

After an 11-year long distance friendship, Jen and Frederic just got engaged to be married! Frederic is from France, he picked up and left his family, friends, job, everything, to move to the US and marry his best friend. When they first saw this house they both told their realtor absolutely no! They drove right by because the curb appeal was horrendous. After the realtor convinced them to go inside, they were sold. When they moved in 1 year ago, the first thing they wanted to tackle was the paint color, but since then, they say they have been "bleeding money". They had to immediately get to work on repairing an unforseen sewage problem, as well as electrical issues, so the color has remained - to all of their neighbors' chagrin. In fact, they all all ask when they're going to change it. Jen and Frederic both have choice words for the color, bird poop being the nicest. The front door is broken and hits visitors in the back when they enter, the brick porch has overspray of the hated house color, the walk and driveway are a bright red that they despise almost as much as the house color, and the lawn is only kept alive because their neighbor sneaks over to mow and water while they are gone. They don't know where to start and with such a tightly-knit charming block, they feel they are the "newbies" bringing down the block. They need Curb Appeal's help!