An Industrial Looking Home Is Transformed Into A Neighborhood Icon!

Episode CRB-2601H

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  • August 15, 2014

    8:00 AM e/p

Designer John Gidding was driving by and fell in love with the style of the O'Neill's home, but clearly they are a perfect example of a house that just needs Curb Appeal. He approached them to see if they would be interested in receiving a Curb Appeal makeover and they were ecstatic! It turns out it was the uniqueness and modern aesthetic that drew them to this house, and they had big ideas for the outside when they bought it, but the reality of living in San Francisco with twin girls has left them with little funds to fix the place up. They love the neighborhood, love their neighbors, and want to make the neighborhood proud of this could-be architectural gem of the block... they just need John's vision to make it happen!