A 1970's Pad Is Transformed Into A Modern Masterpiece Fit For A Large Family

Episode CRB-2606H

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  • July 18, 2014

    8:30 AM e/p

Sumit and Lilliana live in the Oakland hills where, abut 10 years ago, fires destroyed most of the homes. This house survived, but is now surrounded by beautiful large newly constructed homes. The outside hasn't been touched since the 60's and the Jain family really wants to make improvements that will live up to the now pristine neighborhood. They are also concerned with safety. With kids and elderly parents all living under one roof, the rusted and rickety railings are an issue, as is the uninhabitable yard. With a young daughter and a newborn baby, they have very little time, energy, or resources to fix up their home, fortunately, the Curb Appeal team is stepping in to give them the home of their dreams and help them fit in better with the rest of the home on their block!