Unifying a Contemporary Home's Many Additions

Episode CRB-2205

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Patrick and Jennifer Devlin have made three additions to their house over the years to accommodate their growing family. However, in so doing, they feel like they?ve lost some of the original contemporary charm that drew them to the house in the first place. Designer Yvette Piaggio?s comes on board to revamp the confused exterior of the home and make it clearly contemporary once again.


    • furniture from Modern Outdoor
      stainless-steel front door from Neoport Modern Door
      garage door from First United Door Technologies
      glass block from Vetroarredo Glass Block
      paint from Sherwin Williams
      stone veneer from Frederick Block & Stone
      stone veneer from Roll Rock
      railing from Tuttle Railing Systems
      mirror frame from High Voltage Studio
      gutters from Thompson Creek
    • Yvette Piaggio
      Designer / TV Personality
    • Derek Thomas
      Landscape Designer