Young Homeowners' Boring 1900's Bungalow is Beautified and a Community Center Gets a Spruce Up Too.

Episode HCRBL-307H

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Jessica Ervin and Chi Hang are first-time homebuyers who recently moved to the charming Bay Area island of Alameda. The area is known for historical Victorian-era homes and tight sense of community. They realized this 1901 house would need a lot of work, but it was all they could afford and were excited about one day restoring it back to its original charm. After working on making the interior livable, they realized the outside was going to be put off for quite a while. Many neighbors have put work into maintaining the historical appeal from the curb, and in their minds, improving the curb appeal is the perfect way to let their new neighbors know they care about their community and they are here to stay! The house is currently a hodge-podge of contractor beige paint, an out-of-place grand gate, and a neglected postage stamp of a yard. Our team is stepping in to add this house to the list of beautiful Alameda facades and create an abode this young couple can be proud to call home.