What A Difference A Deck Makes

Episode HCRBL-304H

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David Kim and Sherry Liu are first-time homebuyers that are planning their future together. When they saw this house, the location was great, but it was a fixer upper inside and out. They had to make the tough decision to spend the money they had saved for a wedding on making the home livable. They've spent everything they have on the inside and now it's either plan a wedding, or address the lack of curb appeal. The yard is full of tree stumps and weeds, the driveway isn't functional and the lackluster facade is littered with mismatched fixtures. Things got so out of control that a neighbor had actually offered to send his gardener over to take care of the weeds. But now that John Gidding at the Curb Appeal: The Block team have come to the rescue, they'll end up with the home of their dreams, complete with a front yard beautiful enough for a celebration.