A White Victorian Is Given New Life With a Colorful $20,000 Makeover

Episode HCRBL-406H

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  • May 16, 2014

    10:30 AM e/p

Neal and Heather Jarecki live with their 5 kids in the charming San Francisco suburb of Alameda. They are responsible for hosting the Halloween party on their block every year, which is fitting as their Victorian home resembles a haunted house! They purchased this home 10 years ago and had every intention of fixing it up themselves, but with so many kids and so much work to be done, it still looks exactly the same as when they moved in. Fortunately, John Gidding and the Curb Appeal: The Block team are here to help! With a $20,000 makeover, John is sure to give them the bright and cheery home this family deserves!