A Home Overgrown with Ivy is Given a Much Needed Makeover from the Curb and Neighbors Get Spruce Ups of Their Own

Episode HCRBL-113H

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  • June 17, 2013

    6:30 AM e/p

Erin and Brian Fletcher's front yard has not been a priority because they are so busy raising twins. Their overgrown front yard and decaying retaining wall have helped to solidify their position as the eyesore of the block. Fortunately, Designer John Gidding and the Curb Appeal: The Block team are on the case! John's design plan includes creating a patio space for the family to enjoy, plus painting the brick on the house to create a contrast from the curb. Their neighborhood also benefits as the team spruces up two neighbors front yards as well and each home is given matching historic house numbers. In the end, the entire block is truly tied together with a signature look!