A Dated Dwelling and a Nearby Park Get Totally Transformed

Episode HCRBL-210H

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Brent Ferricci and Ronnie Mallette bought their home 3 years ago because of the size of the land, only to realize, they couldn't figure out how to take care of it all. After spending over $8,000 on necessary maintenance to the front, they've run out of money and ideas on how to make it beautiful. As a result they are the only house in the neighborhood that hasn't maintained its curb appeal. They appreciate the bones of the house and the interior is liveable, but they realize what's inside doesn't matter to the neighbors or passers by. They're looking to turn their blah facade into an updated contemporary gem of the block! These two are social people, they enjoy chatting with the neighbors, and they've wanted to throw a block party but with the state of the house now, it's not going to happen. The neighborhood's coveted "yard of the month" sign has yet to grace their yard, with good reason. That is, until the Curb Appeal: The Block team comes in to save the day!