A 1970's Style House is Given A Tudor-Style Makeover.

Episode HCRBL-309H

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When Ivery and Larry Johnson were looking for a home, their 10 year-old son came to them and begged to move to Surrey Lane. It's the street where Ivery grew up, and currently her parents, sister and her family all live on the same street. How could they say no? Even though this house was more expensive than what they were looking for, Ivery and Larry spent every last penny they had to make their son's wish come true. Now there's no money left to address the mole infested yard, the drab paint color, and the complete lack of charm. After they moved in, their curb appeal went from bad to worse when a car wrecked into their front yard, destroying what little landscaping they did have. It's their dream location, now they are begging our team to make it their dream home!