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Undercover Angels

See Before-and-Afters

Real-life cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri seek out deserving neighborhood heroes then surprise them with amazing home makeovers. Check out this photo gallery to see a sampling of their work.

See the Before-and-Afters

Dazzling Designs from Cousins Undercover

20 Finished Room Makeovers

Results speak for themselves. Check out some of our favorite designs from Cousins Undercover.

20 Finished Room Makeovers

Surprise of a Lifetime for a Young Mom

Check out Elizabeth Brehm's Story

Anthony and John team up with The Ellen DeGeneres Show to surprise a single mom and schoolteacher with a beautiful home makeover.

Check Out Elizabeth Brehm's Story

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About This Show

Every neighborhood has one — that local hero who makes life a little easier for everyone around him or her. Now is America's chance to celebrate neighborhood heroes in a BIG way. Each week, HGTV's cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, give one hero the surprise of a lifetime. First, we send him or her away for a weekend. Once they are gone, the cousins descend on the neighborhood with huge trucks and hulking teams of renovators to tackle a home overhaul customized exactly to the hero. Finally, the cousins and the neighborhood band together to reveal our hero's house, transformed inside and out.