Los Primos in Mexico

Episode HCOCL-104H

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  • July 16, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

Anthony's father, Alfonso, gets a call from Mexico where his old friend Fernando is surprising his wife for her birthday. Fernando has had a new beachfront penthouse apartment under construction for over a year but still needs some amazing design elements and final touches to really blow her away. For Alfonso, this is a no-brainer...it's the perfect mission for the Cousins on Call! Anthony and John fly down to Puerto Vallarta excited about what lies in store but without any sense of the project's scope. When they arrive there, they are impressed with the penthouse's potential but Fernando springs on them that the place has to be completely ready by his wife's birthday...in just five days! In addition to the tight time frame, they don't speak the language, can't access their usual construction crews and could be all too easily distracted by the oceanside paradise. On top of all that, the Cousins' ambitious design ideas create unforeseen curveballs that could derail Fernando's plan. For John and Anthony, this becomes an adventure of grande proportions.