Mansion, Goldstein House, & Ever After

Episode HMOHM-S13H

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  • February 21, 2014

    8:00 AM e/p

America's Most Outrageous Homes is the place to see unique and unbelievable homes! When it come to houses, this show celebrates extraordinary homes around the world and introduces you to the interesting people who live in them. We visit a chic Los Angeles home that made appearances in Charlie's Angels, The Big Lebowski and a Bond film; and meet a Florida homeowner who prefers living in a fairy tale. Meet Bridgehampton Contractors with a bowling alley and racquetball court and see a New Jersey home with a 24 karat kitchen! You'll get an inside look at the remarkable 10 acre, Las Vegas based Primm Compound and a tour a Utah estate with a poolside theater and gift-wrapping room. America's Most Outrageous Homes gives you VIP access to some of the most unusual homes in the country!