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Episode HHMAN-206H

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This is it! The final, two-challenge, showdown to determine which one of the "final four" remaining handymen will be this years All American Handyman winner. In part one of the showdown episode all four contestants must design and then build a small garden shed with the help of a two-person support team and a wide array of Sears garden tools and accessories to inspire them. The contestant whose structure most fails to impress the judges will be eliminated. For the remaining three its on to one last challenge. For that challenge the remaining contestants must first travel to their local Sears store to load up on kitchen accessories and furniture. Then it's back to the work site where they discover they have just hours to design the layout and then build a mock kitchen - as inspired by four Elite Kenmore appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave) and a small selection of used cabinets. Of course the pressure is intense because the overall prize is now at arms length. It's the make-or-break moment of glory for each of these contestants - because only one will survive and at last, be crowned this year's All American Handyman winner!