Terrible Twos

Episode HHMAN-204H

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They've made it alone, but can they do it together? This week that question is answered when in their first elimination challenge the eight remaining handymen are split into four teams of two in order to "finish" a mock living room from basic frame to completion - including window, walls, floors, trim and setting up a home theatre system. Working as a team will force some to lead, others to follow. But after the losing team is determined they'll then be forced into something even more challenging - a surprise "face off" challenge against their former partner! Now they'll have just minutes to cut and apply crown moulding to an irregularly shaped section of ceiling and wall. The one handyman who does the poorest job will be going home. In their next elimination challenge, our seven remaining contestants must design and lay a patio floor from interlocking stone as inspired by a wide variety of outdoor furniture and furnishings from Sears. It will be rough and it will be tough, but none will be sweating more than the one contestant the judges decide they'll be sending home. For the remaining six it's again, one step closer to winning the All American Handyman title!