Know it or Blow it

Episode HHMAN-205H

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It's a race to the finish as the remaining six handymen take on this year's "obstacle course" elimination challenge, where at three different stations, three standard handyman tasks await to be completed. At the first they'll have to repair some damaged hardwood flooring; at the second they must install a standard light fixture; and at the third they'll mix their own mortar and build a small brick chimney! With only forty five minutes at each station it's guaranteed that not everyone is going to finish everything. And that's why the judges decision is so difficult. Will it be quality or quantity - or both - that determines which five handymen move on to the next round, and which one will be going home? In their next elimination challenge contestants must hang two used - and unmatching - wooden doors and then erect some shelving units in order to create a large linen closet as inspired by an impressive array of Sears bedding and bathroom merchandise. The pressure is obvious as contestants not only struggle to get it done but to avoid being the last ones cut before venturing into next weeks title-declaring four man showdown!