Good on Paper

Episode HHMAN-202H

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In the world of handyman rough drawings and detailed plans are common. In this episode the fourteen remaining handymen are first given a simple, but not-to-scale drawing of either a planter box, folding table or outdoor chair. Their challenge is to build - in limited time and with only this drawing as a reference - a functioning version of the item they've been assigned. Those who can deliver the goods move on, but the two who can't are sent home. Then, under even more time pressure, the surviving twelve handymen are next given very specific plans to build a small wooden toolbox. Their challenge is to again build what they see, but this time precisely. Will the shortened time and added stress be too much to handle? Well for two more handymen this will be true and their place in this competition will be up. Those who survive will have made it to the coveted "final ten" position and one step closer to winning the All American Handyman title.