Behind Closed Doors

Episode HHMAN-203H

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Things are heating up as the "final ten" contestants face their most severe test yet : a nerve-wracking, one-on-one mini-challenge with each judge behind closed doors. With Mike Holmes the handymen must first answer some skill and knowledge-based questions before being tested on what they see "wrong" with a purposely mis-constructed powder room. Scott McGillivray will then get the handymen to measure and then cut a unique shape from plywood in order to fit over a matching plywood "template"- a challenge that looks simple but is anything but. Finally, Sears guest judge Bill Kiss will present the handymen with tools galore, old and new. The handymen must match the tools with the most common materials they're associated with, and then demonstrate their use. All in all the one handyman deemed to have most failed their "sessions" be eliminated. But that doesn't mean the remaining nine can relax just yet! Up next, a simple set of stairs - at least four feet high - must be built by each of them. Some will excel and others will falter, but the handyman who most fails to step it up will be stepping out of this competition altogether. For the remaining eight it's one step closer to winning the All American Handyman title!